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After the acquisition by the republic in 1991 state independence and the socio – economic, ecological and political situation changed and therefore the institution of the young state set itself qualitatively new tasks, which were expressed in the development of the main directions of scientific work and tasks facing the State Enterprise “TajikNIIGiM” and its subdivisions:

  1. Determination of a unified water management policy, taking into account the interests of the population and sectors of the national economy of Tajikistan;
  2. Institutional research in the water sector and land reclamation science;
  3. Participation in interstate programs to address water management and environmental problems of IWRM;
  4. Execution of works on scientific and technical programs of water saving, energy saving and reclamation ecology;
  5. Preparation of information materials on scientific and technical achievements and best practices in the water sector and irrigated agriculture;
  6. Development and application of a system of measures to improve and create new instruments for measuring and accounting for water;
  7. Development of normative materials on effective water resources management and sustainable development of the national economy of Tajikistan;
  8. Training and retraining of highly qualified industry specialists in the water and agricultural sectors;
  9. Development and implementation of methods and criteria for hydrogeological-reclamation control on irrigated lands;
  10. Development of cooperative ties for the introduction of water-saving technologies and technical means that ensure the effective operation of irrigation and water use systems;
  11. Creation of an information system that allows constantly assessing and predicting the efficiency of water and land resources use;
  12. Using methods for analyzing water quality for agricultural purposes;
  13. Improving the technology of irrigation of agricultural crops with various methods of irrigation (furrow, drip, sprinkler, subsoil);
  14. Development of the water cadastre of the republic;
  15. Development and implementation of pricing methods for water delivery and the cost of water resources;
  16. Creation of regional and national information systems of water resources;