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Department “Operation of the water sector”

Department “Operation of the water sector”

The main direction of the research department:

-Development of basic regulatory and technical rules for operation and maintenance;

-A feasibility study was developed for the use of reclamation measures during the reconstruction of irrigation systems;

-The technology of strengthening the foundations of hydraulic structures on subsiding soil and soils, which makes it possible to increase the reliability of hydraulic structures and irrigation systems;

-Based on the results of the Study of the Issues of Operation of Irrigation Systems in Conditions of Paid Water Use, appropriate recommendations were developed (2006-2010);

-Scientific and practical principles for the rehabilitation of irrigation systems have been developed (On the example of the Great Gissar Canal) (2011-2015) “;

-The basin structure of the BGK for effective water resources management and mechanisms for applying the IWRM principles have been developed.

At the moment, the department deals with the following issues:

-Development of cooperative ties for the introduction of water-saving technologies and technical means to ensure the efficient operation of irrigation systems and water use;

-development of scientific and practical principles for the rehabilitation of irrigation and drainage systems, providing as a normative document for the minimum cost of environmental rehabilitation, as well as the transition to progressive management methods such as IWRM, for the hydrographic area, basins of the Republic of Tatarstan. For this it is necessary to solve the following tasks:

  • Carrying out an inventory of the technical condition of all hydraulic structures in the BGK basin;
  • Generalization of world experience in the issues of transition of irrigation systems to IWRM principles;
  • Development of basic principles of OS rehabilitation;
  • Transition to the hydrographic management method of the BGC as a basis for the transition to the principles of the IWRM of the canal (BGK);
  • The project of creating a Council (Committee) for channel management;

As a result of the research carried out, a reliable analysis of the existing normative and technical documentation for the OS operation will be presented.

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